Setting Weight Loss Goals and Expectations in the Beginning

Have you ever just jumped right in? What goals and expectations do you have when you start a new weight loss program? Do you expect to lose all the weight quickly, finally fit into those jeans you wore in high school, or maybe just become a healthier you? No matter what your ideal weight loss goals and expectations are your mindset and game plan is very important to stay on track.

Weight Loss Goals and Expectations

I’ve tried all kinds of diets and succeeded. Seriously, one diet alone I lost a whopping 72 pounds. I was still overweight but I felt great and it was a life changing weight loss.

The only problem was I didn’t stick with it. Keeping it off was way harder than losing the weight in the beginning.

Slowly, I began gaining the weight back until I gained every pound back. It took 2 years to do so, but I still gained the weight back. Not only the weight returned so did the other health problems that goes with it.

The only goals I set at that time was to lose as much weight as possible. That was it. Just lose the weight. Well, not just lose the weight, I was also participating in a “biggest loser” weight loss competition at my place of employment. And, when the competition ended so did the weight loss.

I didn’t make plans for afterward or to continue the weight loss on my own. I just stopped.

At home, I was the only one who made the changes. That was a huge problem. I prepared separate meals for the family and for myself. Who wants to continue that forever? I sure didn’t. In no time I was back to making just one meal.

What went wrong? Looking back I didn’t set a long term goal. I had zero expectations. It was just a competition I set out to win. Yes, I did win by the way, but, I lost in the end because I gained it all back.


My expectations today are different. I’m expecting to fail from time to time. Don’t just give up! Recognize the misstep and continue forward to reach the small goals and big goals.

  • Set reachable goals along the way not just one big goal.
  • Reward myself with a nonfood reward like buying a new outfit or pair of shoes.
  • Keep trying even if I gain weight or hit a plataue.
  • Make life changing choices not just for now choices.
  • Make liveable choices that “I” can stick with for “ME” not everyone else. It’s my weight loss journey not theirs.

Achievable Goals

Setting goals are important but making them reachable is just as important. Don’t set goals a year into the future unless you have a lot of goals set along the way.

Monthly goals

  • Monthly weight loss goals
  • Yearly weight loss goals
  • Achievement goals (a smaller size of clothing, able to walk x amount of miles without a break, or being able to try a new activity)
  • Lowering or freedom of a medication.
  • Feeling better, sleeping better, and playing like you’ve never played before

Those are just some of my goals I plan to set for myself this time. It’s up to me and only me to succeed my goals and expectations.

What are your goals and expectations? Are you trying to lose a little weight or a lot?

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