Living with a Faulty Thyroid

It’s amazing how one little gland can turn not only your life upside down but your outlook on life completely upside down too. It’s true, living with a faulty thyroid gland isn’t easy. The thyroid gland is responsible for so many body functions and when it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do it makes life really hard at times.

A little over a year ago I experienced the emotional loss of my marriage of 13 years. The years leading up to the split was far worse than the actual split. It took some time to get used to the idea of being alone but it was something I knew was for the better.

As months passed I was very depressed, unmotivated, and I lost interest in things that normally interested me.

I stopped doing normal things

I didn’t clean my house as much as I usually did (not that my house is super clean normally). At times my house looked like it hadn’t been swept in a month with dust-bunnies, more like rabbits, everywhere.

Laundry and dishes seem to pile up a lot quicker than they used to. Luckily we have a dishwasher or it would’ve gotten pretty ugly.

My basement became a war zone with stacks of things just dropped off and forgotten making it virtualy impossible to find anything when I needed it. Don’t worry I did find the Christmas tree in time for Christmas. That’s not saying much since it’s all in really large tubs.

I neglected my yard to the point of stawing out the lawnmower with every swipe. My flowerbeds were no longer flowerbeds they were more like weed beds at best.

I had mulitiple boughts of algae breaks in our pool with long periods of unsafe swimming water. But, that didn’t matter, it wasn’t like I was actually getting into the water to swim. I then decided that was the last year for the swimming pool. It’s gone!

I stopped working on projects around the house unless something really needed fixing. No more DIY projects for my blog. Blogging took a back seat to publish other peoples work just to keep my blog alive.

Not only had my home paid the price, but I also noticed hot and cold flashes. I would all of a sudden become very warm to the point of feeling like I was being suffocated. Or, I would become very cold when I normally wouldn’t be cold. I’m not talking a little cold, I’m talking to the point of shivering. It seemed like my thermostat was broken or at least had a mind of its own.

I found myself crying during commericals, tv shows, movies, or a songs on the radio when I normally wouldn’t of cried. I seemed so extra touchy and that just isn’t who I am. (Normally that is)

The event that changed everything

After many months of feeling depressed and no motivation to do anything, I woke one morning having a heart attack. Yes, a heart attack. Nothing too serious, it was a mild heart attack, but still a heart attack.

While I was being monitored in the hospital I had meaningful conversations with nurses. I described to them how I had felt over the last year and how I had noticed a lump in my throat that seemed to come and go months prior. After examing my throat they felt it was my thyroid and not my heart. I wasn’t aware that thyroid issues can mimic heart problems. They felt very convinced my thyroid was the root of all my problems.

And, they were right. After a heart catheter that confirmed my heart was fine and an ultrasound that confirmed I had 4 nodules of various sizes on my thyroid, I was referred to a surgeon to remove my thyroid which was over twice it’s normal size.

More than likely, my thyroid was the cause of most of my issues over the last year. It’s amazing how much the thyroid gland can change one’s life.

Update: I’m post surgery and feeling better even though it’s only been a month and a half. I’ll update more on this topic in the future.

If you’ve experienced similar tyroid issues I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop a comment on this post.

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