How to Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

Even the thought of cleaning can fill some people with dread. It’s so easy to constantly put it on the long finger but if we do that too often we end up with an extremely dirty home. In this infographic from HappyCleans, a house cleaning company in Oklahoma City, you will learn how to focus on how cleaning is more of a workout. Hopefully, it will be the motivation you need to clean a bit more often.

Before you get going, you can turn on your favorite album or Spotify playlist. This is, of course, optional but could be the motivation you need to push through the pain barrier. It’s also a good idea to get into some old comfy clothes and trainers as cleaning at speed is likely to work up a decent sweat.

One of the most common household tasks is hoovering and this burns around 153 calories in an hour. This is a lot and if you spent an afternoon at it you would most likely burn over 500 calories. This would be the equivalent of a proper gym workout or perhaps even better.

Dusting is another necessary evil and also burns a very significant 174 calories in just one hour. There is even the option to add light ankle weights to your wrists to help tone and strengthen your arms as you dust.

Every household task presents you with an opportunity for a workout – even taking out the trash! These bags can get pretty heavy so why not use it as an opportunity to do some bicep curls. Just lift the bags up and down before disposing of them and you’ll help to tone your arms.

Hopefully, if nothing else, this infographic will act as a motivator for you to clean a little more often. See the full infographic now and get to cleaning!

Author Bio: Kat Buckley is the owner of a local services company called HappyCleans. She is passionate about giving people a little extra time to spend with loved ones by cleaning their homes.

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