Back Pain due to Being Overweight

Back pain is something I’ve dealt with over the years and the biggest cause of back pain is being overweight. There, I said it. The pain I suffer from day after day is from my weight problem and not from an ailment or injury. It’s because I don’t eat right or excercise enough.

Can you relate? Are you in pain after being on your feet for a period of time? Is your lower back killing you making even the smallest tasks unbearable?

If you have excess fat in your tummy your back has to do extra work to keep you upright causing pain in your back.

If you wonder if your tummy is the cause of your pain there is a simple test you can do. Next time you’re in pain while standing, tighten your stomach muscles. Pull in that gut. I know that sounds bad but if the pain is due to the extra pounds in the belly area the pain will change. While you’re standing there with your abs clenched, do you feel a change in your pain level? Did the back pain ease up or completely stop?

I’m not saying you can’t or don’t have another reason for your pain, I’m simply saying the extra pounds in that area are not helping your back pain.

I also have an issue with my back, but the extra weight is what makes the issue so much worse. If I wasn’t overweight, especially in the tummy area, my pain level would be way much more tolerable then it is now.

So, did it help? It usually helps my pain level greatly.

If it did, here are a few ways to releave your pain.

  • Pain medications like ibuprofen or acetaminophen help to relieve pain but only temporarily.
  • Alternate between standing and sitting. If I’m at work break time can’t come at a better time. By sitting just 15 minutes can help tremendously with pain releif.
  • If you’re standing for long periods try tightening your tummy muscles. This helps take the pressure off the back and spine. It’s only a quick fix but can give you a moment of pain relief.
  • Exercises that focus on your torso help strengthen and build muscles in the area of the pain.
  • Walking helps build muscles and helps in weight loss. The stronger your legs and body as a whole become the less tension on your back.
  • Losing weight (yep you should have seen that one coming)

I’m sure there are other ways to help but these are just a few I have used to help or fix my pain level during my weightloss jourey.

If you have other ideas, drop them in the comment section to share with the other readers.

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