10 Ways to be Accountable and It’s Importance to Diet

Accountability is very important to dieters.  Willpower isn’t enough to maintain the weight loss goal you worked so hard to reach.  Over time those pounds can creep back and in no time you’ll be back to where you started from.  You need to be accountable during and afterward.  Here are ten ways to stay accountable.

Measuring tape

Measure your bust, arms, hips, stomach, breast, and legs.  Keep a chart to watch the progress as you lose.  These NSV (non-scale victory) no matter how small can really make a difference and give you a boost when the scale doesn’t always show a decrease in weight.

Find a dieting buddy

Accountability is easier if you have someone to lean on, talk to, and share the journey with.  If you’re struggling share your struggles with someone that understands and can help pull you off the cliff.   It’s helpful to keep track when you have someone that’s trying to succeed with you.

Love the scale

The scale fluctuates every day and throughout the day.  Don’t freak out when you hop on the scale and notice an increase, it could due to daily or not daily routine changes.  Instead get to know your body.

A few years ago I weighed myself every day.  Yes, every day.  I knew when the scale would show a loss or an increase just by the activities the days prior.  It helped keep me accountable while exercising and eating out.  It kept me moving forward.

Use a journal or an app to track

Keeping track of what you eat can make a huge difference while dieting.  I use the Lose It app to monitor my weight loss journey.

Log your food intake even if you’re not into watching calories.  Sometimes being aware is more important than the actual number.

Workout Tracking

It also helps to chart your workouts.  Grab a calendar to keep track the days you workout, or individual workouts.  When you look at a calendar with colorful marks each day it really keeps you going.  It can be something simple like an X in red for walking, a green X for aerobics, or a blue X for a workout video.  It helps to see the calendar full of accomplishments not just your normal day to day activities.  Let’s add a pop of color to your world.

Personal Trainer

Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, but they’re nice to have to keep your workouts and diets moving in the right direction.  If you can’t afford a trainer, there are many apps for that.  Download one on your phone and use it.  They’re a great source for less money.


Pedometers are a low-cost way to track your daily activity.  Set a daily goal for 10,000 steps which equals 5 miles a day.  Reaching the 10,000 steps can easily make a difference and get you off the couch.  Goals!

Throw out the fat pants

Why hang on to the clothes you used to wear?  Throw them out that’s the old you, not the new you.  By hanging on to those fats pants you can secretly set yourself up to fail.

I’ve always kept my fat clothes just in case I gained the weight back.  Why hang on to the fat clothes?  Isn’t the point to change for the better? It’s because if I failed, I had something to go back to.  Maybe, that safety net is the problem.  If I gain the weight back, I have to also buy new fat clothes.

Make the commitment to the new you by throwing out the fat clothes and safety net.

Goals Goals Goals Goals

Set short-term goals along with long-term goals.  How much do you want to lose?  If it’s a lot, set a few goals along the way.  Rejoice along the way so you don’t feel like it’s never going to happen.

If you would like to lose 100 pounds.  That’s a big goal.  Set small goals along the way, 20, 40, 60, and 80.  It gives you something reachable along the way to success so you keep plugging away.

Reward yourself

I’ve talked about goals, now let’s talk about rewards.  After you hit a goal, reward yourself with something like a new outfit, hairstyle, or maybe a night out with your friends or loved ones.  Let’s get creative!  Don’t reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog.

When I lost my first 20, I treated myself to a new hairstyle.  It was well deserved!

All of the ideas above help with accountability.  They keep you in check and focused along the way.  Some of them you might already use and not think about the good they’re doing in your day to day routine.  Keeping on track is always a plus when dieting and after you reach your goals.

Do you have a way to keep you accountable, share below in the comments?

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